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Adding a touch of Morocco to your home

Cape Designs

Location: Poppy's Garden centre

Styling: Krystel Robinson

Photographer: Breanna Phelan

A practical piece of art, our collection of poufs and pillows are sure to be the perfect statement piece in your home. All pieces are handmade from vintage Moroccan carpet that are Talssint, Azilal and Boujad rugs. 

Our pillows are made from recycled Boujad rugs in Marrakech, they are first carefully fixed by a rug expert then they are hand woven into pillows with a zipper for easy filling. 

Made by the women, Boujad rugs play with bold colours such as pinks, purples, reds and orange. They are hand woven pile rugs from a small region in Haouz between the Middle Atlas and the Atlantic ocean. 

Styling tip: pick three cushions all different sizes, two being neutral clours one being our Boujad pillows for a pop of colour and a touch of tradition. This can be either your couch or bedroom.

Our collection of Moroccan pouffes are hand made from authentic vintage rugs. Each piece is hand selected in the Souks of Marrakech for its unique and quality design. All our pouffes are one of kind making it the perfect statement piece for your home.

The Kasbah pouf is made from a vintage Azilal rug with a zipper for easy filling. Azilal carpets are single-knot carpets which have a background of white wool that are highlighted with colour. This type of carpet is perfect if you don't want to much colour in your space but still gives that sense of Morocco to your home.

The Koutoubia pouf is made from a Talssint rug - a personal favourite. Talssint is located in the Figuig provence, oriental region of north east Morocco.
Here, their carpets are made by the Berber woman using traditional berber knots - typically with strong colours of red, purple & orange.

Every part of this pouf is intriguing, covered in colourful shapes and patterns, this piece is sure to be the most talked about item in your home. These stunning poufs are a piece of Moroccan history that will last a lifetime in your modern home.


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