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Wardrobe staples

Cape Designs

W A R D R O B E  S T A P L E S
a  C O L O U R F U L carpet clutch
that you can use everyday dressed up or dressed down.
Theres nothing better than a good pair of denim, a fresh tee and a silky dress. Spring is almost here so its time to ditch the jackets and slip into something a little more comfy. Clutches featured this week are
& El fenn
prepare to be amazed on how simple but affective these outfits can be so you better get your credit cards ready.
the Souk clutch
noun // definition: a marketplace in northern Africa or the middle east.
This clutch was named after the souk in Marrakech full of beautiful designs and colour everywhere you turn.
Like we said before theres N O T H I N G better than a good pair of denim and we all know who the denim qweeeens are -  Neuw Denim. They got it all covered low rise to high waisted, relaxed to skinny and black to blue. Our favorite white fresh tee ATM is this embroidered 'CHUKO' shirt by Chuko Vintage made from pre-loved vintage tee's. Shenali also wears vintage sunglasses, woven mules from Zara, gold bangle from an antique store and of course Neuw denim jeans.
El Fenn
El Fenn is a boutique Riad (bed & breakfast) in Marrakech that you may have seen on PInterest and Instagram as its a very popular and photogenic place. We named this clutch after El Fenn because of the beautiful greenery in the court yard and the red, yellow, pink hues that make the Riad.
The El Fenn clutch boost of red, green, yellow, white and black lining so we kept it simple with black and gold accents. Shenali wears a black silk dress by Silk Laundry, gold jewellery from Splice Boutique, woven mules from Zara and a vintage jumper. Dressed up or dressed down this outfit is elgant and timeless. 
the Aaf-wan clutch
Your welcome  صفوان
If you know you know Aaf-wan means your welcome in arabic and YOU are WELCOME for this clutch. This rare vintage find in the souks got quickly snatched up by us and to be honest I didn't want to sell it but then again i could keep all these clutches so YOU ARE WELCOME!
Spring is almost here and if you have been watching summer in New York you might have notice the classic tank top and pants making a come back as told by Man Repeller so you might want to get on board as the days get warmer.
Shenali wears her wardrobe staples for this summer in New York trend - jeans by Neuw Denim, white basic tank top from Cotton On, black cat eye sunglasses from Sabo Skirt, black knit by American Apparel and gold jewels from an antique store.
the Medina clutch
The best way to explore Marrakech is to take a walk through the medina with no map (not that they really help anyway). The walls of the medina tell a story of a thousand years of urban development at the western edge of the Islamic world. The medina is like a maze full of homes, businesses and the souks.
Tip: yellow, red and blue work good together, why? split complementary colours, oh the power of colour!
another tip: buy gold jewels from antique and vintage stores, you can find classic pieces and unique designs for a good price.
Shenali wears 'C H U K O' tee by Chuko Vintage, Neuw denium jeans, woven mules from Zara and vintage gold sunnies.

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