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Festival attire

Cape Designs

Spendour has come and gone but don't you fear summer will be here in no time which means we better start planning our Falls outfits.
This weeks post we shot our girl Kate in her go to festival attire which so happens to go perfect with our Misria, Handria 1 & 2 clutches,
Location: Poppy's Home & Garden
(C A C T U S heaven!) because hey it's giving us Palm Spring vibes and we also can't stop thinking about Coachella.
Handria 1
'Handria' meaning wedding blanket in Moroccan arabic (Darija). These stunning vintage blankets are made by the women of the Atlas Mountains. They are hand woven from sheep's wool, cotton, linen and of course sequence. The bride and her family weave her blanket in preparation of her wedding day as they teach her life lessons and her duties as a married women.
For this look Kate wore the Jasmine Flutter sleeve playdress by Spell & the Gypsy, black jacket by Decuba to add abit of C H I C N E S S, boots from The Iconic and to complete this look our favourite Lack of Colours' hat The Beverly.
Misria clutch
Our favourite look from this shoot - who would've thought O R A N G E is the new black?!?!
The Misria clutch is made from a Moroccan vintage rug and is giving us a pastel colour palette that we're obsessing over. All in the details, this clutch features hints of pink and purple, sage green and blue lining and of course orange as the base.
To go with the theme Kate wore a matching set by Spell & the Gypsy, the Delirium strappy mini and the Delirium maxi kimono. To keep this look glowing we added our treasured G O L D jewelry from an antique store, the Beverly hat by Lack of Colour and boots from the Iconic.
Handria 2
Handria 2 is made from a different wedding blanket, they often feature imperfections because of the many hands that contribute to these blankets which makes its beauty and can we take a second to admire those sequins?!? these clutches are also very P H O T O G E N I C !
For the last look or shall we say day 3 of Spendour, we thought keep it simple because your gonna want to dance the day away!
Kate wore a flowy dress by Petal & Pup (a very affordable label with plenty of options), gold Ray Bans of course, the beverly hat by Lack of Colour (can't get enough) and boots from The Iconic.

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